Senior Show

During my senior year at Dordt College, I was able to display my artwork that I created. It was a combination of my graphic designs, photos, and paintings. It was displayed April 20-26, 2019 in the Art Gallery in the Campus Center. On April 20, I had an artist talk to describe my work and process in some detail. The theme of my art exhibition was “Moments in Time.” Everything captures moments from the past or for the future. They are memories I can continue to remember forever.

The paintings feature different places and events that are special to me. My first date with my husband was at the Omaha Zoo. The series of 16 silhouette animals captures some of that memory and memories of other zoos we visited. The large horizontal paintings are some of my favorite places. The first one is Dordt College. I lived at Dordt College for 3 summers and attended for 7 semesters. The next is Chicago, where I grew up and where I studied for one semester during college. I love this city and I visited it often with my friends and family over the years. The purple mountain painting represents Montana. I visited there when I was 16 and I fell in love with the mountains and the scenery. Lastly, the very blue painting is St. Louis. Every Spring Break, my family and I would visit there and do very fun activities. We would visit the City Museum, the Botanical Gardens, eat yummy ice cream, and explore fun shops. Some of the paintings are still for sale, so please check the “For Sale” section under Paintings.

My two favorite paintings are the pair of sea turtles and the floating lanterns scene from Tangled. One of my dreams is to see baby sea turtles make their way into the ocean right after they hatch. The summer after my Senior Show, I went to Hawaii for my honeymoon and I was able to see a real, wild sea turtle. It was amazing and one of the best days of my life. Tangled is my all-time favorite movie and I love the song “I See the Light.” I actually walked down the aisle to that song. I have painted this scene many different times. The first time was during High School which was a lot smaller. This painting is three 16×20″ canvases. The next time I painted it was with watercolor in my Polaroid series. Another fun fact about Tangled is that this was the first movie Aaron and I watched together.

My graphic design work was mostly posters, but a few hand-held graphics. These are the posters I am most proud of. I spent a semester in Chicago interning for the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce. You can view more designs on the Edgewater CoC section under Graphics. I displayed many designs at my show. There was one poster and a few postcards and maps.

I also wanted to display my photography skills. I love to collect postcards, so I decided the best way to show my photos is making postcards. I have had the opportunity to visit many beautiful places in the United States.

I was going to get married the summer after my senior show, so I was able to design my Save the Dates and Invitations. I also had a shared bridal shower with two of my cousins, so I was able to design those as well. I realized I loved to design wedding materials (see my weddings tab) and I am thankful to be able to work at them at my current job.

I loved having the opportunity to show my work to my family, friends, and the college campus. I would do this again in a heartbeat and I would have lot more artwork to show.

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